• We pay you rent for your building.
  • We can split the profits for your location.
  • We are eager for your business. Let’s do a deal.
  • Free servicing and maintenance.
  • Committed to give you the best service and deal.
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Smarta Laundries turn your laundry into a Smarta solution.

About Us

About our services

We are committed in providing the best possible service for the coin operated washing and drying machine industry.

We are highly flexible in providing a solution for your laundry needs.

You can turn your space into a potentially profitable contribution towards running your building.

We have a number of solutions such as profit share or simply we pay you a rent for your space.

Call or email us to discuss. We are here to do business.

Perfect For All

1) Apartments Blocks, 2) Universities, 3) Hotels, 4) Backpackers, 5) Boarding Houses, 6) Nursing Homes, 7) Motels, 8) Laundries & Laundromats

Share Profit

Profit Share

We think you will love this option. This is what we can do. We will install our coin operated washing and drying machines into your property.

We will pay for all maintenance of the machines, cleaning and servicing . We will pay you a percentage of those takings whether we make money or not.

We do not need a contract we are happy to exchange letters as a form of memorandum of understanding. No expensive finance contracts, solicitor fees just pure profit split to you.


We pay you rent

Depending on the size of the complex we will pay you the right amount for your property. We will pay you regularly every quarter. No long term contracts only a letter of agreement. That way we are always on our toes to provide you with the best possible service. That is the Smarta way.

Oh did we say that we will also pay for all servicing, cleaning and maintenance of the machines because that is also part of the deal.

Free Servicing

Free Servicing

What if your building is too small to afford a property split or rental. No problem we can still add our washing and drying machines at no cost to you. We will pay for all servicing, cleaning, repairs and vandalism. We use the latest machines from Speed Queen, Maytag and LG. We will add our security systems to minimalise potential vandalism.

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